No doubt PHP has many benefits, and the reason for which it has become the most accepted web development language. IT companies either big or small are using PHP for creating multiple types of web applications. One can realize the worth of PHP from the fact that huge applications like Facebook and WordPress are using PHP. There are dozens of reason why to choose PHP.

Easy To Learn

PHP is quite easier to understand than many other programming languages. It provide ease to developer to solve problem more easily than other languages. It has also resemblance with some other languages like Java and C. Even if you know only HTML, learning PHP would be quite easy for you. The language is perfect for beginners since it is easy to understand and clear. It’s syntax are easy to learn just like if you have to print “Hello World!” you just have to write one line code like:

<?php echo “Hello World!”; ?>


PHP provide the facility to develop dynamic websites that generate data on screen within a flick of eye. Many companies are developing their online web portal in PHP. You can even talk to database using PHP that generates data as per as condition (depends on user or developer that how it programmed).

Web Integration

The language has created 81.3% of the applications present in the internet according to w3techs. The PHP language processor integrates with various systems. Nearly every business is using the language including large corporations, government, hospitals and banks.


A framework provides a foundation where developer’s code can be neatly arranged. You can find a great number of PHP frameworks. These frameworks help you to take out a mixture of tasks using PHP. You can perform different tasks like session management and database queries.


The support and documentation for PHP is quite easy. The support forums which aid the language are completely free. You can find many blogs and forums online that help you if you face any coding issues. And I think this is the best reason to choose any programming language that if we face any coding issue during our development we can get help from different sources like online forum, blogs. Even there are many social media groups that can help you in your problem or maybe they can also solve your problem too.

Object Oriented Programming

PHP provide the facility of Object Oriented Programming that mean you can also create custom classes which other classes can have access to from custom classes. This increases the effectiveness of the language.

Free of cost

Another reason to choose PHP is that it’s totally free of cost. You don’t have to pay to start your new project. PHP can be downloaded and installed without any making any payment. Therefore, the basic goal of earning more can be changed into reality by just taking a right step of using PHP as web application development.

Embedding Quality

One of the best quality of PHP language is that it can easily be embedded into HTML within a very few steps. You can design your website in HTML and CSS, and to make it dynamic you can embed your PHP code easily with few steps.

These are some reason to choose PHP. If you think there are some other useful reasons too, you can comment below.


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